Roundup Reality

This page will list roundup reports and some photographic and video documentation from BLM roundups. Please be patient as page is loaded.

Roundup Reports

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copyright Laura Leigh

Antelope Complex Report

other reports loaded soon.




Roundup Reality Video Series

Eagle Complex 2011

The Eagle Complex Roundup in 2011. Public access was held back where only broad actions could be witnessed. No loading activity was witnessed due to the placement of vehicles or landscape. Horses went to Broken Arrow (Indian Lakes) and have not been seen since.

Antelope Roundup 2011

The Antelope Complex roundup had a an offer from Saving America’s Mustangs to take all the horses into sanctuary. It was denied and a brutal winter roundup took place.


Some photographs from BLM Roundups of the last year. All photos copyright Laura Leigh unless otherwise noted.

copyright Laura Leigh

Eight month old colt whose feet literally began to fall off Calico, 2010

Twin Peaks 2010

copyright Laura Leigh

Rock Creek (Tuscarora)

copyright Laura Leigh

Twin Peaks injured mare at Litchfield corral

copyright Laura Leigh

Las Vegas Sun reporter getting discriminatory access at Tonopah, 2010

copyright Laura Leigh

Elderly mare roped after being chased for miles by helicopter and seperated from her family at Silver King, 2010

copyright Laura Leigh

Injured Mare left in alley with three bands that fought for five hours before they were sorted at Silver King 2010

copyright Laura Leigh

Youngster left in muddy pen with "debris" as temperatures dipped below freezing Callaghan, 2010

copyright Laura Leigh

Horses run in sub-zero weather at Eagle 2010. Later horses died of pnuemonia behind the closed doors of holding.

copyright Laura Leigh

Helicopter pilot repeatedly flew to within arms length of horses and scattered bands Antelope, 2011


8 responses to “Roundup Reality

  1. This progression shows the rough and violent nature of all of these roundups.. We know what we are seeing- the more of it is shown to us. mar

  2. Laura, the videos are the most helpful as we can post them other places and send them via email. Blogs don’t allow for pictures but when videos can be posted they are probably the best way to show others what actually happens during and after the round-ups. They are far more telling than words and the screams of the Horses can’t be ignored.

  3. I shouldn’t say “most helpful”. The pictures are also invaluable. Each has a key role in spreading the word. Pictures are best for Faxing and emails. Videos work when you can’t post pictures–such as writing to representatives and senators (most have message boxes within their websites) and commenting in online newpapers and blogs.

  4. Laura, the video doesn’t play. It reads ” This video is private”.

  5. Laura, the video is OK must have fixed it

  6. April Tatro-Medlin

    I would like to suggest we make use of the “See Something, Say Something” campaign that the Fed. Government rolled out. If the names of people involved, companies doing the round-ups, etc. were to be reported by individuals for possible terrorist activities against the US (the destruction of national treasures is a crime that you & I would be federally prosecuted for). It will require the courage of people who care not about the harassment they may encounter by taking action in this form. We will need the dates, times, & names of the Round Ups also & images (if any)that are evidence of the crimes. Be sure to keep any pictures that you have taken under “Chain of Custody” protocols. This way, they cannot claim images were doctored. Also, if they doctor images, your “chain of custody” documented images will be given more weight.

  7. April. Who would you suggest be notified if someone would attempt this? To report ‘terrorism ‘ on a federal contractor i think it would have to be the FBI. I believe various things have been reported to them before. Adding to that would be good. Beware of the use of this terminology since they call us, undeservedly;

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