Next Level

If you haven’t given up yet this is the next step.

Learning the what, where and when of the process of public land management and how wild herds fit into the picture is not an easy task.

The American public has the right to have their voice heard in the process of managing public lands. YOU have a right to voice your opinion to your legislators and at public meetings that determine how the resources on public land are utlized.

The “Industrialization” of public land is very real. Mining Interests, and other extractive Industries, as well as geothermal, solar, wind and livestock grazing are all part of the larger picture.

The Bureau of Land Management currently manages over 250 million acres of public land. But horses and burros get a very small piece of the whole.

For example 66% of BLM controlled territory is open to livestock grazing, yet only about 10% is currently managed with wild horses and burros as part of the equation. Another startling realization is that many of the areas that encompass thousands of acres have what is called an “appropriate management level” well below any true breeding population. Often within that 10% wild herds are given less than 2% of the resource. The amount of public resource actually utilized for wild herds is nothing compared to the other uses on public land.

YOUR voice in the process is becoming increasingly vital.

If you don’t feel confident enough yet to do research and read the Assessments and construct comments there are things you can do.

There are several good websites that do a “click and send” version of public comments that can be utilized. There have been instances where not all the comments that come from these sites have been counted. An alternative is using the preformated content, adding some personalization of your own and then sending from your own email. Better yet, FAX a copy to your representatives.

A good site to find those “Alerts” is the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign ACTION alert page.

Wild Horse Education will also post alerts but not in a “click and send” version.

The free book spoken about under “Let’s Begin” will address in coming chapters how to “deconstruct” an Environmental Assessment and what Resource Advisory Councils actually do.

We will get the book completed and loaded free in it’s draft form as soon as possible. Check the “Work In Progress” Tab for new chapters and edits on already loaded chapters frequently.

Thank you.


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