Let’s begin

This issue is complex.

Many get drawn to this issue because of a photograph or a brief article in a paper. But as you begin to look for more information you find a seemingly complex issue that spurs emotional controversy.

Right now the agency that manages more wild horses and burros on public land than any other, the BLM, appears to be approaching an overhaul. Or at least they have created an impressive document that claims changes are on the horizon.

 So that’s a good thing, right?

Then you find yourself reading things that don’t make sense. The contradictions are hard to wade through as well as the convoluted process to even say, that as an American, you care about the issue.

Welcome to the world of Wild Horse and Burro management. (On this site I will most often refer to them as wild herds, less typing).

Much of what you will read will not make much sense, and will make less, the more you read. IF the actual purpose of these programs are to “protect and care for” wild herds, the actual practice doesn’t make sense. When you begin to look at public land management as a mechanism for “Industrialization” of America (what it was originally designed for) the conflicts begin to make perfect sense.

But I get ahead of myself.

This first section is designed as a reference for those making the first steps in trying to comprehend the issues.

A free downloadable book, that will be uploaded in it’s draft form… Chapter by Chapter…. is available on this site.

 The first chapter is a “Glossary” to understanding some of the important abbreviations and terminology. I often see frustration in the eyes of those new to this issue as they listen to advocates speak using abbreviations and terminolgy they don’t understand.

Glossary of the EIEIO (can’t help myself, yes it’s from Old MacDonald. I thought about doing a musical version)

What Agency Issue? Is the next chapter and gives a listing of branches of the government that manages horses in a basic guide. A later chapter will describe this in more detail.

Other Chapters will deal with what basic herd dynamics represent and why they are important to management. Another will outline the actual process that occurs to decide a roundup is going to take a place: a basic ABC of documents and what they mean. And of course the Reality of Roundup, what happens on the ground.

The forward and first two chapters have been uploaded under the “Work in Progress” tab.

I hope you take the time to educate yourself to this issue.


2 responses to “Let’s begin

  1. Hi Laura! I’m so happy to see you are still with us.

    I just got done reading David Cruise’s book on Wild Horse Annie. It’s a terrific book. Tough at times. But it has a ton of history. Important stuff that people today need to know about.

    Things that Annie fought years for were taken away right before she died. The original Wild Horse Annie law didn’t have any avenue for someone who violated the law. They tried to correct that with the 1971 law as well as stopping roundups using aircraft.

    Then BLM lowballed numbers in 1971. Then they artificially raised those numbers from space so they again do roundups. It was either in 1976/77 that aircraft were allowed to be used again.

    One of the worst offenders was this guy named Solari. Annie had to deal with him in NV and then again up in the Pryors. He set the example of BLM’s double talk. At least that’s how I read it.

  2. thank you for all you do

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