Extra Curricular


4 responses to “Extra Curricular

  1. I’d like an RSS feed so I can add this to my news page and see all updates daily.

  2. Laura, we need to know what to do and how to go at it–how to really sink our teeth into this. Learning how to comment, how to write–what to say when we call the field offices, our representatives, and our sentators. It’s important to know what points are pertinent and how to frame our arguments. In a way, this is a Civics Class.

    • I’m trying to lay a document foundation for how the process works. I know I need to an “A,B,C” on the the paper trail. I’ll get there… right now I have to craft the appeal and figure out how to come up with a filing fee.
      …. Trying to get a field expedition funded… and get the FOIA piece finished.
      Have to finish the organization paperwork too.

      I have no staff and no base to operate from. But this has to be done.

  3. Even just a sample letter–one that you have already written so that people can see how you do it–as you’re laying out your lesson plans.

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