The reason for this site

This home page is a blog and will change.

This site has been created by Wild Horse Education (WHE) to attempt to answer many of the basic questions that get overlooked. The issues of Wild Horse and Burro Management is very complex, yet very simple.

“What does the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) mean when they ask for comments on an EA (Environmental Assessment)? ”

In answering this question it is easy to forget that not everyone comprehends the abbreviations or the process to be an “advocate voice” for wild herds.

Or I may get a call that has a greif stricken voice at the other end begging me to go to an auction where there are “wild horses” and a request for an email address of a local Federal official to send a string of emails to. When in fact the horses at the auction are not from Federal land, but tribal or state controlled.

This site will attempt to address these issues. Hopefully this can be acheived in a manner that explains the process without getting too complicated. I will make every attempt to keep this site as “user friendly” as possible. Sometimes the information is on a website but the site is more complex to navigate than the question is to answer.

Remember there are no “stupid questions.” Only through understanding this process and focusing efforts where they can acheive change… can change happen.

Hopefully this site can serve as “step one” for those entering the “wild” education of  “wild horses and burros” on public land.